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Clean Machine (Fuel and Air Induction Cleaning)

As your vehicle ages, its performance isn’t quite what it used to be, but many of us never notice the change because it’s gradual.  So here are a few questions to ask yourself.  Does your vehicle feel like it doesn’t have the pep that it used to? Have you noticed your fuel economy isn’t quite as good as it once was? Does it idle roughly or is it hard to start?  Do you hear the engine knocking? Has it recently failed an emissions test?

All of those can be signs that your fuel and air induction systems are dirty and need cleaning.  Your fuel system takes gasoline from the tank to the engine’s combustion chambers where fuel injectors spray fuel that mixes with air and is ignited by spark plugs.  Black carbon deposits eventually can build up, obstructing fuel flow and diminishing your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency.

The air induction system is what allows air to go into the engine’s combustion chamber.  Getting the proper air flow is necessary for you to quickly start your vehicle, accelerate, and perform the way it should and idle smoothly when you’re standing still.  Like the fuel system, your air induction system can get blocked up with deposits and other contaminants.

A professional fuel and air induction cleaning can help restore your performance and fuel economy, especially when you are experiencing problems.  A technician will use specialized chemicals that can remove the carbon buildup.  In extreme cases, they will remove the fuel injectors and clean them with specialized tools.  

After cleaning, you may notice how much more pep your vehicle has and how smoothly it runs.  Keep your fuel and air induction systems clean and enjoy your vehicle’s performance improvements.

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