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Do I Need Brake Service? (Brake Service)

Think of how many times you put your foot on your vehicle’s brake pedal every day.  And think of how much you rely on your brakes to slow down and stop your momentum.  When it comes to safety systems, your brakes are at the top of the list, and that’s why it’s so important to keep them in top condition. Brakes are something you make sure you keep maintained before they start showing signs of problems.

Some of those signs are a grinding sound when you step on the brake pedal, your vehicle pulling to one side when you brake, you don’t feel your brakes stopping you as quickly as they used to, or you notice the brake light is illuminated on your instrument panel. 

We ask a lot of our brakes.  They have to work no matter how hot or cold it is outside.  That means whether it’s sunny, snowing, raining, or icy; you’re traveling at highway speeds or school-zone speeds; or when suddenly you find yourself trying to avoid hitting another vehicle, animal, person, or obstacle in the road.  They have to work on smooth or rough pavement.

When you bring your vehicle in to us for brake service, we will first inspect your brakes and all the parts in the system.  Our technician will closely check all the components for wear, deterioration, and corrosion.  We’ll check fluids, bushings, seals, and other components and make recommendations for what should be replaced or repaired to keep the system in top condition.  We’ll recommend quality parts that meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. 

We want to make sure your vehicle’s brakes are doing for you what they are designed to do.  Your safety—and the safety of all the people around you—is at stake when it comes to your brakes.

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Brake Service
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