• Automotive Tips from PONTE'S AUTOCARE: When to Replace Your Wiper Blades

    Monday 24 July 2017

    There are several important factors that go into how often Wilmington drivers should replace their wiper blades. Of course, the more you use your wipers, the faster the blades will wear out – especially if you use them on an icy windshield. Whether it’s a lot of bugs and road grime from Delaware freeway driving or lots of wet weather – your blades get a work out and start to wear. But your wiper blades break down even when they aren’t used frequently. They are d... read more

  • Differential Service at PONTE'S AUTOCARE

    Sunday 16 July 2017

    Here at AutoNetTV, we have national viewers, like your neighbors in Wilmington, who write to us with questions or feedback. One common question we're asked is: "What is a differential and what does it do?" You may have been told by your PONTE'S AUTOCARE service advisor that your differential needs serviced, or it's seen it as an option up on the service menu. Differential service at PONTE'S AUTOCARE covers a lot of things, so l... read more

  • Cabin Air Filter From PONTE'S AUTOCARE

    Tuesday 11 July 2017

    Here is a questions for Wilmington drivers: What is a cabin air filter?Is it: A filter for a house in the middle of the woods? A fresh, piney scent? A filter for the passenger compartment of your car? Clever you, it's 3.A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it comes into the passenger compartment. It filters out dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, pollutants, sparrows, exhaust gas and odors.These high tech filters can block particles larger than 3 microns. By... read more

  • When You Hear the Crash in Wilmington: What to Do After an Accident

    Monday 03 July 2017

    Motorists in North America drive about 3 trillion miles/4.8 trillion kilometers every year. There are over 250+ million licensed drivers, and approximately 6.2 million accidents happen every year. Unfortunately, if we're going to drive vehicles, there are going to be accidents. Knowing what to do in case of an accident can help reduce the stress and cost of the situation. It can also protect you from false claims, incorrect judgments and unjust liabilities. Never... read more

  • Tracking True in Wilmington: Wheel Alignment

    Tuesday 27 June 2017

    At PONTE'S AUTOCARE, we occasionally see severe tire damage that could have been prevented with proper wheel alignment. During a PONTE'S AUTOCARE alignment service, your vehicle is put on an alignment rack where the tires,steering and suspensionparts are inspected for problems. Then the alignment is charted and checked against the vehicle factory settings. Adjustments are made to bring the wheels back into alignment. This gets all four wheels m... read more

  • PONTE'S AUTOCARE Automotive Tips: Alternator

    Tuesday 20 June 2017

    Your alternator makes electricity to start and run your engine and all of the vital electrical systems in your vehicle. That’s everything from the on-board computers to the turn signals. And of course there is the entertainment system, seat heaters, power windows and everything you plug into the power outlets. After your alternator makes enough electricity to do all that, it recharges your battery with what’s left over.When Wilmington drivers constantly have a low or dead batter... read more

  • Engine Hydration for Wilmington Drivers: Role of Your Water Pump

    Tuesday 13 June 2017

    The cooling system in an engine has five components: the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, the thermostat and the water pump. The water is literally the heart of the system. Just as your own heart keeps your blood circulating through your body, the water pump keeps coolant circulating through your engine.The water pump is driven by a belt, chain or gear and only operates while the engine is running. It has a limited life span and sooner or later will have to be replaced. Yo... read more

  • PONTE'S AUTOCARE Radiator Service

    Monday 05 June 2017

    The coolant system is a vital part of your vehicle. It is also the second most common cause for vehicle failures. Even though coolant system failure is fairly common in Wilmington, it is easy to prevent. The most recognizable part of the coolant system is the radiator. It is connected to the engine with hoses and is filled with coolant. The coolant draws heat off the engine and then passes into the radiator. Air passes through cooling fins to reduce the temperature of the coolant and then it's b... read more

  • It Pays to Take Care of Your Transmission at PONTE'S AUTOCARE

    Tuesday 30 May 2017

    If you've been paying attention, you've noticed that vehicle engines are getting more and more powerful in Wilmington. At the same time, they are getting better and better fuel economy. I've gotta tell 'ya, most of that's because of technological advances in transmissions. To get a better understanding of why that is, let's talk bicycles.You've probably seen plenty of cyclists on Wilmington roads. Perhaps you ride yourself. Then you know that a cyclist's cadence is the number of... read more

  • PONTE'S AUTOCARE Advice: Don't Overlook These 10 Automotive Services

    Sunday 21 May 2017

    Organization is the key to managing a busy life in Delaware. So setting up an annual calendar for vehicle care can keep Wilmington residents on top of preventive maintenance. But you can't just write “oil change” every few months on the calendar. Modern vehicles have many systems that are vital to the safe operation of a vehicle, and they all need to be inspected. Wilmington residents can't afford to overlook any of them.The following is a list of preventive maintenance ser... read more

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